AS in Criminal Justice (Online)

Make a difference as a criminal justice professional.

An Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Rosemont College—delivered in a convenient online format—is a perfect entry point for those interested in a career in law enforcement, court administration, the judicial system, corrections, public or private security, or any other related field. You’ll learn about the law, how courts work, and how laws are applied to citizens. You’ll also be able to choose courses that help you drill down into your specific passions and interests such as law enforcement or organized crime.

Rosemont’s faculty have firsthand experience with the subjects they teach, and are trained in supporting busy, working adults as they seek to further their education.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

The Associate of Criminal Justice curriculum consists of 60-credits (20 courses). Students can transfer up to 45-credits.

Core Criminal Justice Courses (18 Credits)

  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Substantive Criminal & Procedure Law
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Criminology
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Women in the Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice Electives (6 Credits)

Choose two courses from the following list.

  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
  • Organized and White-Collar Crime
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Understanding Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System
  • Drugs, Crimes, and Society
  • Sexual Offenses, Offenders, & Victims

General Education (36 credits)

In addition to meeting the course requirements and electives listed above, all students must also fulfill 36 credits of General Education requirements. These include courses in writing, humanities, science, and multiculturalism. These courses reflect Rosemont’s approach to a liberal arts education.

To learn more about the AS in Criminal Justice coursework, contact a Momentum Advisor.

Skills and Outcomes

  • For many law enforcement officers within the Greater Philadelphia Region, the completion of an associate degree can result in pay increases of $300 to $2,500 depending on their collective bargaining agreement.
  • Graduates of the program will gain the skills needed for careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, courts/judiciary, juvenile centers, alternative education, and private security sectors.
  • The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree prepares entry-level or working practitioners in the field for success in the following areas:
    • Law enforcement
    • Court administration
    • The judicial system
    • Corrections
    • Homeland security
    • Juvenile justice system
    • Private security

Structured to Meet the Needs of Busy, Working Adults 

  • Convenient Online Format: Courses are offered online and structured to allow you to complete coursework independently, when it’s convenient for you. 
  • Manageable Coursework: Full-time accelerated students take two courses every seven weeks.
  • Immediate ROI: Classroom learning will come to life through case studies where you’ll be encouraged to use your own job as a learning lab—which has the added benefit of reinforcing your value to your current employer. 
  • Experienced, Supportive Faculty: Our faculty are experienced professionals. They are experts in what they teach, and have strong connections in their professional communities.
  • Expand Your World: As busy adults it can be hard to expand your worldview. Rosemont attracts a diverse student body, which brings different experiences and knowledge to the classroom, providing a robust learning experience. 
  • Easy & Free to Apply: We believe a quality education should be affordable and attainable, and our application process reflects this commitment. Applying is easy, and free.