Cybersecurity Graduate Certificates (Online)

Understand the where and why of cybercrime.

Rosemont’s graduate certificates in cybersecurity, and the related master’s degree program, are designed to respond to the increasing need for a practical, solutions-oriented approach to the question of how to improve information security. The program is predicated on the understanding that security resides in understanding where and why breaches originate and applying common-sense solutions, whether technical, procedural, or otherwise to resolve them. Information security is at least as much about people and processes as it is about technical solutions, so you’ll learn both proactive and reactive strategies to combat threats that go beyond technology.

Choose from Three Different Certificates

The three certificates are designed to be taken independently, or as a whole to complete the master’s degree in Global Cybersecurity curriculum. This stackable approach allows you to choose the level of time you invest in advancing your knowledge in this growing field.

The Information Security Essentials certificate focuses on the foundations of information security, the geopolitical threat landscape, the psychology and sociology of information security. It provides an overview of how organizations implement security or how security impacts an organization.

This certificate is comprised of four 3-credit courses:

  • GCC 6000: Foundations of Information Security
  • GCC 6100: The Geopolitical Threat Landscape
  • GCC 6200: Psychology and Sociology of Information Security
  • GCC 6300: Security Organization

The Security Operations certificate is more technical in nature, centered on identifying vulnerabilities and creating security strategies.

This certificate is comprised of three 3-credit courses:

  • GCC 6050: Offensive Security
  • GCC 6150: Defensive Security
  • GCC 6250: Incident Response

The Software Security certificate focuses on creating holistic security practitioners, able to assess the security landscape, develop strategies to prevent intrusion, and analyze breaches with an eye toward resolving and deepening protection and detection capabilities.

This certificate is comprised of three 3-credit courses:

  • GCC 6075: Programming in Rust
  • GCC 6175: Software Validation
  • GCC 6275: Security Across the Lifecycle
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