Forensic Psychology Graduate Certificate (Online)

Understand the ‘why’ of criminal behavior.

The Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology is designed to train professionals to work within the criminal and civil justice systems, including the civil, criminal, and family court systems. Building on strong critical thinking and research skills, you’ll learn to assess many types of people within the legal system, including victims of crime, witnesses, attorneys, and law enforcement, as you work to bring criminals to justice.

Professionals who will benefit from this program including law enforcement, intelligence analysts, first responders, social workers, corrections officers, probation/parole agents, mental health workers, nurses, disaster relief workers, CISM Teams members, public health, and emergency management personnel.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

The certificate is comprised of 5 master-level courses (15-credits).

All students take the following 3-credit course:

  • PSY 6300: Contemporary Issues in Forensic Psychology

Students choose 4 courses from the following options:

  • HLS 4133: The Psychology of Terrorism
  • PSY 6330: Victimology
  • PSY 6345: Juvenile Delinquency and Development
  • CNS 6350: Offender Treatment
  • GCC 6200: Psychology and Sociology of Information Security
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